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BMW Rear Wheel Plug

A Nylon insert and BMW logo to fill the open centre of BMW wheels.Fits various models. Stops the rear wheel of your R1100S filling with water and road grime.

BMW FAP Intake Duct

Carbon fiber Forced Air Pressure (FAP) intake system for the BMW R1100S.

A two-part replacement for the original air intake system (the lower duct in photo).

Both the Front Velocity Enhancer or the Connector Tube may be used separately with the original parts to gain a smaller increase in horsepower. The original joining rubbers are re-used.

BMW Exhaust Shield

Carbon fibre hand exhaust shield for the BMW R1100S. Looks great and prevents burning fingers when lifting the bike onto the main stand. Also reduces the heat coming out from under the lower edge of the seat.

Designed to mount on the left side and cover a Staintune exhaust, it suits other types of exhaust.s too The shield has aluminium heat reflecting material embedded in the carbon on the exhaust side.

BMW Footpeg Heel Guards

Carbon fibre foot peg heel guards for the BMW R1100S. These guards look good and can take a lot of force when pushing the bike through tight turns. The stainless cap screws are included.

Aprilia Velocity Stacks

Velocity Stacks for RSVR 1000 (and possibly other 1000 models). These stacks were developed to aid bottom-end torque, and provide approximately 10% torque increase throughout the rev range, at the expense of only 1 horsepower from the peak figure.

The stacks are machined from solid billet alloy and attach in the same method as the original equipment, with no modifications required.

Moto Guzzi Twin Spark Plug Conversions For Cylinder Heads

Cylinder heads for both the older round-cylinder and current square-cylinder engines (excluding the V-50 series engine) can be fitted with a second 10 mm spark plug. The additional plug benefits performance and fuel economy.

Note for maximum benefit the ignition timing needs to be adjusted to non-factory specifications.The cylinder heads you provide must be in reasonable condition because the drilling of the new spark plug hole requires precise fixing of the head in a jig.

The conversion of the round-cylinder heads is a much easier job because there is no need to relocate the oil galleries in the head. The round head conversion includes 2 shorter head studs to replace those which are present under the large plugs.

The square head kit shown comprises of 2 shorter head studs to replace those which are present under the large plugs, and braided oil hose to replace the existing hose. The new hoses attach to the brass union (which can be seen near the new spark plug) that is the new entry point for oil. As well, 2 spacers are provided to adjust the depth of engagement of the 10mm spark plugs.

Honda VTR 1000 Bellypan

Moriwaki Carbon Bellypan for Honda VTR 1000.

Honda VTR 1000 Valve Springs

Special Race Valve Springs and Retainers for Honda VTR 1000.

Honda VTR 1000 Velocity Stacks

Velocity Stacks for VTR 1000 are machined from solid billet alloy and increase engine power by 2-1/2 horsepower (as per illustration). The stacks attach in the same method as the original equipment with no modifications required.

Honda VTR 1000 Engine Performance Kit

Piston Kit:

The VTR 1000 piston kit has a compression ratio of 11.6:1 and is designed to the same standards as the original piston which means you do not have to run extra piston to bore clearances. Pistons come with circlips, rings, gudgeon pins and includes new head gaskets.


The VTR 1000 camshafts are designed to the same specifications as original equipment thus maintaining compatibility with the remaining camgear. These camshafts have the same base circular diameter as the original camshafts however lift and duration has been increased.

Following is a horsepower and torque graph with HPower camshafts and pistons installed showing a significant improvement over a standard VTR1000 Firestorm.


If you require further information, specifications or pricing please contact Bill Finnegan

The information contained herein is based on our testing and experience and is believed to be accurate. Since operating and installation conditions may vary significantly, and since we do not control such conditions, we must disclaim any warranty, expressed or implied with regards to results obtained from the use of H-Power products or the application of our techniques.

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